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#1 8 years ago

EDIT: I entered F8 into the boot menu and selected start with last known successful settings, and it seems to have allowed me back into the normal mode.... I'm not sure if it's fixed, I might be back with a problem tomorrow morning.

Hi guys, I'm having another problem with my laptop now. My luck is really down this year.

Recently I slotted in the laptop battery and plugged out the power supply wire to go upfront in class for a presentation and as I plugged in the battery and plugged out the power supply, my laptop screen just went straight black. I couldn't get it to go back so I forced it to shut down and restart by holding the power button.

Ever since then, my laptop has got me stuck at the Windows 7 logo where the 4 orbs come to form the windows logo.... The entire screen freezes there but I can hear the windows sounds that are made when you reach the login screen....

I tried going into safe mode (which I'm typing from now) and all seems fine. Is there anyway to fix this normal mode windows 7 freeze?


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#2 8 years ago

Yesterday I fixed one with a similar problem. Since you can access safe mode I suggest backing up your user profile, reinstalling (so whatever weird glitch with the startup code is going on, and hopefully your resolution issue too) will be repaired, then name your computer the same thing, then load your old user profile (sans AppData) over your new profile. It'll retain your settings and whatnot, but be relieved of the startup glitch. And as we all keep saying, a good old fashioned fresh install can be very helpful :D

EDIT: I have no guarantee of private files transferring over this method, I personally prefer going through an Ubuntu boot disk to retrieve files.

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