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22nd October 2005

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#1 15 years ago

I might try out Linux soon but I don't know much about it.Does all of the Windows software work on it? How is it different from Windows? How is the desktop changed,ect.Any help and tips would be great. :)


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23rd January 2005

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#2 15 years ago

Windows software will work on linux, but only if your using wine. theres also Codega, that will allow your windows games to run in linux. check it out here



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21st February 2005

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#3 15 years ago

Wine will run most but not all Windows based programs. Wine is not an emulator. Wine runs Windows programs native to Linux. Look at for more info.

Games on Linux run great. Theres pure native games like UT2004, Quake 4, Doom3, and many more that run on Linux pure native. Meaning does not need Cedega or Wine. Now for the other games that are Windows whores theres Cedega. Wine is not that good on gameing, mostly the heavt DX9 and pixelshader support games. Cedega takes care of this. It has DX9 support and Pixelshader support with some other things. It runs a crap load of games like Battlefield 2 and Halflife 2. Cedega runs the game native, it is not an emulator. To see a list of games it runs look at this link: and for cedega:

Now its says Cedega you need to buy but you can get the older versions for free and can get the new one for free via CVS or yeah...

Desktops if you want a full blown desktop then KDE and Gnome are for you. KDE gui is like Windows users so its ment for Windows n00bies coming to Linux. Gnome is for Mac users. They are both easy to use. Both can be made to look like anything you want it to look like. KDE can be made into a 100% Mac OS X clone, I know that for sure because I have done it. Best part about it its that it does not slow down your computer because it is native. No needing to download other software or anything.

For any more info ask me or rookie. AIM MSN anything....