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#1 13 years ago

Precision: If you move your pointing device slower and you prefer more precise cursor movement and less speed. 1.) When i select precision as my tracking optimization my mouse cursor moves really quick. Speed: If you move your pointing device in very quick movements and you prefer more speed and less precision. 2.) When Speed is selected as mouse optimization the mouse cursor moves really slow. Anyone else experiencing this that owns a mx500 or is this the way it is just supposed to be? While in desktop there is not much notible difference between the precision and speed setting. But like i said when i play games like FEAR or counterstrike and i select speed the mouse cursor moves really slow and then when i select precision the mouse cursor moves really fast. I have mouseware 9.79 and winxp Would it also be good to set acceleration to NO instead of medium or low under motion in the mouseware, or does logitech disable acceleration in games really work when playing new games like FEAR?


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#2 13 years ago

If it only affects games, why don't you adjust the sensitivity settings in game?