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21st February 2004

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#1 11 years ago

Hey guys so Im currently looking for a new TV. Something that will mostly be used for gaming, so I don't want any blurring (i play alot of FPS). I'm not too familar with the TV world, but from what I understand the More "Hz" you have, the less it'll blur? But anyway, since I'm kind of on a budget I found a decently priced Plasma tv. It's actually the Samsung 42" Plasma HDTV (here's the link to the exact tv I was looking at: RC Willey - Samsung 42" Plasma TV) and I noticed alot of TV's are either 720p or 1080p, Is there a huge difference? And do you think that particular TV will suit my needs with the gaming and what not? Thanks for your help!


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1st January 2005

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#2 11 years ago

Yeah it's amazing what you can get a plasma for now. In that size I would say you'd benefit from 1080p, esp if it's going to be used as a PC display at all, for HD movies, or for 1920x1080 gaming resolutions, should you have the PC hardware to drive it. At 32", the difference is much less noticeable, though I would still go 1080p regardless of size if it's going to be used as a PC display. It really depends whether you plan to use it for any of the aforementioned purposes and how close you sit to it.

Plasmas used to not be used or recommended for gaming, though with the pixel orbiting tech (anti burn in) they're becoming much more accepted for such use. Some still say they're not that great for gaming though, as the anti burn in can make the colors look weird when it periodically shifts the pixels. I get the feeling that is mainly those using them at closer than the recommended distance though, like a 40-42" as a desktop display.

The great thing about plasmas is the wide viewing angles and color vibrance, though some would argue the new LCD tech can be more accurate in color, but certainly not at the same price range. It's odd how plasma used to be the more costly tech, and now you can get it so cheap.

I remain skeptical about their life span though. Avoiding etching (burn in) doesn't really make them last longer as some think, it merely keeps them from allowing TV logos, game HUDs, etc, from burning in. They tend to lose a lot of their brightness as they age. Plasma screens use a phosphor coating just like CRTs do, though they cannot be degaussed like CRTs. This is why they lose that brightness. The oxidization builds up, but there's no way to shake it off like a degausser does. Then again you can get them pretty cheap, though I would probably go with an extended warranty if you plan on using it a lot for gaming the first few yrs.