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#1 15 years ago

Trent of Apple-X has posted an interesting entry on his blog:

As for the Mac web, there have always been a few things that have bugged me, and for a while the list was getting shorter and things we going well. However, in recent months the list has grown tremendously and the market itself is also making a significant shift. The years of being a Mac zealot are dead, everything is all about the iPod now; the culture, the 3rd party accessories, the advertising dollars, the hype, the rumors, they all focus on the iPod. What scraps the Mac does get are dragged out and just not that exciting anymore. There is a reason iLounge is bigger than MacWorld now. The iPod has ultimately killed the "Think Different" Mac zealot crowd making way for the buzzword savvy MySpacer or someone in their 40s trying to be hip.

I agree. There are sites like iOnMac which are still very much Mac-centric, but a good number have become increasingly iPod-heavy. Of course, Apple isn't helping things by not really advertising the Mac anymore.