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#1 10 years ago

How can i recover data from a formated hard disk? :confused: somebody formated my hard disk and installed win 98 and lost all my data please is there a way i can recove the lost data

Johnny Mullet

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7th March 2005

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#2 10 years ago

If the drive was already formatted and an operating system already installed, then I would say you are out of luck.

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30th April 2004

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#3 10 years ago

This is not true. Hdd's work on sections. And even being formatted does not ensure that information can not be retrieved. There is a program called " Get data back" it works very well.

Other than using data recovery, you are screwed.

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6th February 2005

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#4 10 years ago

If your using that computer don't do anything more than shutting down at this point.

Data recovery programs do exist and it is possible to recover at least some data even after the drive has been formatted. Your problem is that if new data is written over the top of what was already on there then it WILL destroy the remaining data and make it near impossible to remove using conventional means.

You need to boot from another hard drive and run programs from there. If you can use data recovery tools then do not write the files you recover back to the same hard drive as it will be overwriting other data.

In terms of software I can personally recommend Recovery Studio as a user friendly peice of professional grade data recovery software. I haven't ever used any other data recovery software, so I couldn't comment on their effectiveness or lack thereof.

If your are not confident doing this yourself before taking it to any paid service for data recovery make sure you ask them what software they are using, and what experiance they have had. If they respond back confidently with the software name and at least a couple of times they have used it to good effect your probably fine. If they hesisitate for a couple of moments before making a vauge reassurance that they are able to do it go elseware. You don't want some twit downloading some free (and crap) software and decimating the data on your drive.