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#1 3 years ago

Yesterday Microsoft released a vision for the future for not only Windows 10 but there new HoloLens

Take a look at the promo

Now looking at that your probably thinking that it is just a promo and there is no way it will look that real however Wired had a hands on go with the latest version and pretty much said yes it really is that good.

Project HoloLens: Our Exclusive Hands-On With Microsoft's Holographic Goggles | WIRED

With a quick upward gesture, I toggle from computer screens that monitor the Curiosity rover’s progress across the planet’s surface to the virtual experience of being on the planet. The ground is a parched, dusty sandstone, and so realistic that as I take a step, my legs begin to quiver. They don’t trust what my eyes are showing them. Behind me, the rover towers seven feet tall, its metal arm reaching out from its body like a tentacle. The sun shines brightly over the rover, creating short black shadows on the ground beneath its legs.

I have to say this looks very tempting but not as device that you would use out doors like Google wanted with there failed Google Glasses but more of a home/business item. Used with a 3-D printer items can be actually made while say Netflix can be watched on pretty much any sized virtual screen. It also now becomes clear as to why MS went all out to but MineCraft as it makes a perfect bed fellow and launch application for the HoloLens.

I think this could be a great break through if done correctly with games being "projected" into the real world while they actually adapt to your surroundings. If main stream developers get behind this it will be huge. A example is when Tomb Raider first came out I remember a lot of people talking about how real it was and how well Lara Croft moved. My wife said that it would only be real if it was on the floor as a hologram and now it really could be and can you imagine Sim City on this thing :)

Let us hope it is not just another pipe dream and we can still hope for proper holoemitters so we do not need to had a pc strapped to your head.

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#2 3 years ago

Looks very interesting, even if it is just a tech-demo it shows that those guys have some nice ideas. An important part will be getting the data input right. It is hard to beat mouse and keyboard.