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9th December 2006

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#1 7 years ago

Hey everyone, how are we all doing today? :)

Just popping in to test the water on an idea and possibly pick up some people interested in helping me!

So i have 3 3D printers at my disposal and being a long standing fan of Minecraft i thought to try and mix things up with them.

They mainly get used in our lab for professional use but there is always time for some personal use for all.

My idea is community driven and is a combination of the popular slow, timelapse builds we see on youtube from the likes of Sjin or FyreUK but then combining that with a mounted camera inside the 3D printer printing out the object, condensed into a 30 second segment for the full youtube video. Finally, hosting a giveaway whereby people enter using lockerdome to gain extra entries where the grand prize is the model we printed out that week.

On a quick scout of the internet, no such channel exists dedicated to something like this, naturally due to the obvious startup costs involved. The main hurdles for me in starting is gathering a group of builders and spreading the word!

But obviously, i'd like an opinion from my favorite internet community!

The floor is open!




Posted in tech discussion because i need advice on how to best record the printing with a webcam, best software recommendation?

And for hosting a server, we have some unused gaming computers that could host the server but if its simpler to buy a 3rd party host?

If an admin feels the general theme is more gaming whereas i'm here mostly for a technical commentary on how to achieve this, feel free to move the thread!