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Hello im here to ask you if you would like to perticipate in designing of a standalone game heres a little info

Hostile Engagement, or just HE for short, is currently in development. It's release date is unknown at this time and a full storyline is not yet complete. We will keep this area updated as we get further in development. Our current storyline is as follows: In the year 2010, the so-called "War on Drugs" took a turn for the worse. Strict legislation was pushed through Congress and in 2015 the "Hand-Me-Down Act" was passed, enabling federal police to use military grade weapons. Drug dealers around the nation began to make connections and establish an organized system. In January of 2016, they began recruiting for an urban militia. In response, the FBI and US Army have joined forces to combat the rebels.

Please if your intrested and good at modeling and skinning and others plz contact me at [email][/email]

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It is my opinion that something like this should be in tech, not GG. If anyone disagrees with me, I'll see about moving it again to a more appropriate forum.