Monitor won't work with new video card & MS Flt Sim X 1 reply

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#1 12 years ago

I just installed a new video card (PowerColor 9600 by Radeon) in my computer and updated the RAM to 1GB (plus the 256MB that was already in there). We got it to run MS Flight Sim X. The video card driver and Flt Sim X both loaded successfully but now when I try to run the game the monitor does not come on. Yes, the monitor is plugged into the video card. It's a standard CRT monitor. The first time I tried loading and running the video card and the game it said the resolution was set too high on the monitor. I changed that and it let me get everything loaded. But now it's back to not working. Would upgrading to a new flat panel monitor help it run normally?


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#2 12 years ago

While that 9600 probably isn't going to fair too well with Flight Sim X, it should be capable of atleast getting you into the game.

Try this- Right click on the game icon on your desktop, select 'properties.' Select the 'compatiblity' tab. And check all of the boxes in 'display settings' area. See if that will let you run the game.