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#1 9 years ago

This is aimed at those who work with servers.

Every morning I send out reports to clients we monitor, they pay a monthly fee for us to keep backups in order and server health (Exchange defrags etc) Currently we are using default reporting methods - mostly SBS reporting.

We've been moving to standardize things, this is an email that has been sent around...

Do you know of any open source or cost effective monitoring reporting software that we can deploy for monitoring clients

What I would like to achieve is a custom report display (so we can badge it Geek and orange)

This will achieve the following A) So we report can on 2000, 2003, SBS and 2008 all varieties, at the mo we are only forwarding the 03SBS report. B) Will look more professional C) 1 standard format D) Marketable

I have been looking but haven’t found anything yet

Any thoughts guys

We would be looking to report on NT Backups, Server errors (Event log, allocated memory alerts etc), user usage (maybe), and maybe even spam (IMF, If possible integration with Trend WFBS/IMHS/InterScan)

Anyone got any ideas on a software that can achieve customization, open source and at least - Server reporting for all major MS NOSs (2000, 2003, SBS, 2008).