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#21 14 years ago
C38368The term is actually "ground." TBH, a lot of people freak out about static, but it isn't a huge deal. Take Monter's advice (touch something metal that's more or less attached to something big--and preferably attached to something attached to the earth). Touching your computer's chassis while it's still plugged in is usually enough. Just don't go shuffling around on carpet or in wool while working on it and you'll be fine. I've never used a wrist strap (and frankly, I've been pretty lax about grounding myself as well), and I've yet to fry anything. Also agree w/ M!tch about not wearing rubber gloves. And frankly, with most components, you'll want the dexterity that not wearing them provides.

Yeah, the gloves are more trouble than they are worth. I do this for a living, and I NEVER wear rubber gloves.

I'd say that its covered.

@Mr. Matt, ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!! :eek: You must be one of the luckiest guys on earth, to not damamge a component while wearing a sweater. :lookaround: Wait, the sweater must not be one of those that cause high levels of static electricity. My rule, if you don't get shocked, when you touch the guy next to you, or a doorknob, then you should be fine.

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#22 14 years ago

I have personally fried two computers with static, so yes, it can happen. The wrist band isnt needed, but reccommended. Usually as long as you keep socks off, sit on a hardwood (or lineoleum) floor, and ground yourself often with the case, you should be fine. PS: keep kitty away from computer, they are static magnets and caused the frying of one of the ones mentioned above.