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23rd July 2005

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#11 14 years ago
Smitty025For Christmas, I plan on getting a new MP3 player, probably a 1Gb model (for price considerations). I currently have a 128mb iriver player, and it's worked very well for about 3 years now (maybe more). I'm very happy with it, but obviously I need more space. Now, so far I've been looking at these three players: I can't tell why there are three different models, the only major difference I can see is the battery size, and that the most expensive has a color screen. Neither will really influence my decision much, but I think if I was going to get the color one at $180 I might as well get a 2Gb iPod Nano for $20 more. I'd really prefer not to spend more than $175, but I would prefer to not even go that high. I'm also not limiting myself to one company, I would buy from another cmpany, but all I've looked at so far is iriver. Any help is appreciated :).

If anything, I would suggest an Iriver N10, the 1gB model, I own one, and absolutely love it.

What I would not suggest is any ipod, I've read their batteries burn out, and turn to crap after 18 months, not a good investment.


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24th May 2003

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#12 14 years ago

OK, well I have decided to upgrade to a more high capactity player. I couldn't get the Zen Xtra (30GB) for $99 because they were sold out. I'm still considering getting this player, my friend got it a few weeks ago and he likes it, I haven't been able to use it though so I don't have any personal experience with it. I'm also thinking about getting a Zen Touch 20GB, and I'm not sure which is a better deal. I've seen both for about $200 dollars, and I dont think I could fill up even the 20GB Zen Touch, so space isn't really a problem. I'm more concerned with quality. C38368, I would consider that one, but the fact that it is remanufactured, and the company is pretty much dissolved makes me worry. I read a lot of reviews where the hard drive just died on people, and I just dont want to take any risks. (I will be getting this as a gift so..)


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14th February 2004

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#13 14 years ago

Meh... the hard drives are replaceable and the scroll wheels are repairable. In fact, I was performing surgery on both of mine earlier today...

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