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27th February 2006

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#1 12 years ago

is installed in Spanish.

When I 'acquired' it, I didn't notice I was 'getting' a Spanish version of it. So now I ask, is there any way of making it English through a simple option or file swaps?

I do not want to 'get' another copy.


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15th March 2006

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#2 12 years ago

Someone could do with reading the rules. Being vague and using apostrophes doesn't change anything mate. As far as I'm aware the answer is no anyway, not that I've never had the need to change it...

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17th June 2003

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#3 12 years ago

If you don't want to spend a few hundred dollars to "get" another version, I suggest you either download the GIMP, or go looking on eBay.

And for the record, asking how to "get" software is against the forum rules. Only warning.