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1st January 2005

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#21 13 years ago

Well thanks for offering the suggestion RSR, but it presents a few problems. 1) I am dead set on the next build being entirely high end from the start, not another upgrade as you go rig. 2) Taking the chance that a 9800GTX will be out in 3 months is a big one I'm not willing to risk and I'd rather not be limited (eg stuck) with EVGA. XFX is the way I'll likely go on the high end rig. MUCH better support and warranty. 3) The parts you came up with totals $471, quite a chunk more than the mere $183 I paid for the RAM and video card I already ordered, as mentioned. 4) Your suggestion would leave me somewhere in between the affordable temporary upgrade I made and a system I definitely wouldn't be happy with for 3-5 yrs, especially with the large display I plan on getting. In other words when I go Pci Ex, multi core, and advanced RAM, I will do it holistically and via bypassing the mediocre stuff rather than perpetuate the cycle of wishing I'd bought better 2-3 yrs down the road and having to upgrade again. Furthermore, I'm not even sold on EVGA as a trustworthy option for a video card manufacturer (heard too many horror stories) and if you read the fine print on that upgrade program they pretty much can determine what your cost will be based on what they deem the current value of your card is at time of upgrade. "The total charge will depend on the value of the upgrade card less the value of your trade-in card..." "Value" is a vague and clever legal word they're using. Note that this does not specifically say the actual price you paid for your current card. A card gamed on hard for 3 months, perhaps even OCed heavily, I tend to think they'd not honor the full price paid for. Once again, thanks for the suggestion, but I already made the purchase.;)


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#22 13 years ago
>Omen<;4027353Once again, thanks for the suggestion, but I already made the purchase.;)

Was only giving options, good luck dude, enjoy!