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#1 11 years ago

Hi, I've had some recent trouble with XP, and ended up having to completely re-install XP. Everything is up and running now, but I have another problem: When windows re-installed, it seems to have over-written the boot.ini file and no longer has Windows 7 as a boot option, even though Windows 7 is on a separate drive partition, and has remained un-touched. I was wondering if someone who dual boots XP and Windows 7 would be willing to copy their info for me. To do this(In XP), go to system properties, click the advanced tab, click settings under System startup, System failure, and Debugging information, click edit in the Startup and recovery window, and copy all of that info (or at least the Windows 7 info) here. This should allow me to modify my own and let me boot to Windows 7 again. Worst case scenario is that I'll have to re-install Windows 7, and even XP if I screw up my own boot.ini file.



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