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NetSwarm monitors all network activity which you computer receives and builds up a complex map of how you network talks within itself and with the outside world. NetSwarm can be run as a monitoring utility or as a screen saver.

NetSwarm uses color coded nodes inform you of the type of traffic you have in your network. A green node indicates an internal IP address (including VPN connections), where a blue node indicates a remote address. Yellow nodes represent either a broadcast or multicast address. NetSwarm can be configured through the settings window to ignore external IP addresses.

NetSwarm also changes the color of the links between nodes depending on what transport protocol is being used between the two nodes. Red links indicate TCP traffic. Green links indicate ICMP traffic & blue links represent UDP traffic. If a mixture of protocols are being used NetSwarm will morph the color of the link to represent the ratio of use for each protocol.

You can download it through BitTorrent (it's freeware) or from their website. NetSwarm - UberGames Group NetSwarm - Network Monitor Screensaver (download torrent) - TPB