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#1 13 years ago

Ok, I use A wireless internet service called dockpoint its a local service in my town, ever since this ice storm happened our internet has been acting weird. It did work very well until that day. It will now only send out little bits of information but won't receive any so I cant hardly bring up web pages. There are breaks when it works perfectly fine for like an hour then it starts messing up again. I've tried resetting the white modem they gave us and that didn't help it, then I reset our router that brings it back up for a few mins then it goes back down. We've power cycled and reset the connection and it makes it work for another few mins again then it goes back down again. So im wondering is it our router thats causing this problem? Or did something get damaged from the weather? I would like to find out, because this is very troublesome for everyone at my house trying to use our internet. It also has times where it doesn't work at most of the day.

Thank you in advance.