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#1 13 years ago

hi all my name is jona and i live in kingston in London, a friend referred me to this site and said that maybe you can help me with a question :)

recently my computer has started to slow very much so, i think its an amd 1.1 ghz 4-5 years old, frequently freezes (only way to unfreeze is to restart), programs crash, start up takes 5-10 minutes and i have saved around £500 for a new computer.

i enjoy playing the game counter-strike 1.6 online, and some other games like World Of Warcraft, apart from that i just use MSN, check e-mails and ventrilo with friends.

I was hoping that you guys could point me in the right direction as to which computer i should buy that would enable me to do these things better and faster than i have before, also if possible where i could purchase it?

btw i would not like to buy a monitor or whatever, or a mouse, keyboard.. just the computer :p

my friend told me AMD AthlonTM 64 processor 3200+ is good for gaming and would enhance my gaming experience substantially, particuarlly on counter-strike 1.6?

also my graphics card is rather outdated, nvidia 57 series.

can anyone tell me there thoughts on the amd processors, are they good for gaming? whats a good processor for counter-strike? and other things like that.

my budget is £400-500 (english pounds)

hope you guys can help!

jona :)


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#2 13 years ago

Hi m8, i would suggest newer and faster processor than that. For 500 you can get quite a lot. I would suggest something along the lines of this

Add a 7600gt gfx card, a dvd burner and hard drive and youll be set for less than 500.


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#3 13 years ago

You sound like a person who would be best off buying a new computer instead of trying to build one for yourself. I would recomend that you go to either or as they have highly customizable computers that will likely fit your budget and need. I'll list some of the key parts that you should be looking for:

Processor: This is probably the most importaint part of the computer. Get the best you can now, because they are relativly difficult and expenseive to try to upgrade later on down the road. Here are three 'modern' processors. The first processor is the most desireable choice, and the thrid processor the least desireable choice: -Intel Core 2 Duo -Any AMD 64 -Intel Pentium D

The RAM is the second most importaint part of your computer. Get at least one gigobyte, preferably two.

Get a hard drive with atleast 80gigobytes of space.

As for the video (aka graphics) card, trying to buy one with a pre-built machine dramatically increases your price. And at your price range, I doubt that you can afford a decently fast computer with a decently good video card. However, the video card upgrade is very easy to make. So I would suggest that you get a new video card later on down the road.

I hope this helps. If anything is confusing, or if you have more questions, feel free to ask.