newly released samsung 22 inch widescreen ,, 2 replies

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12th August 2006

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#1 13 years ago greetings . i recently posted here concerning the purchase of a lcd monitor . i am in the process of purchaseing the viewsonic vx 2025 wm . its on back order . i wont be able to get it until mid october . today , i got the online flyer from future shop . heres what i saw . a 22 inch samsung . recently released . the viewsonic , taxes included is $482.00 . the samsung would be close to $600.00. if you were me , would you pay the extra $100.00 for the samsung . im considering doing so , i just need to know if the samsung is a better monitor .. again , im new to lcd . i need your help . i would apprecitate any imput you could pass along . if you were me , what would YOU purchase..?? WHY?? have a great weekend. thanks for reading . cheers .


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22nd September 2002

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#2 13 years ago

I just bought a 22 inch Samsung LCD for the girl. It's amazing! it's 700:1 contrast ratio, 5 ms rate. (not as good as my plasma with 10,000:1 :) )

I'm sure it's not the best but it was only $400 samsung is a good brand. If you are into gaming I'd get a better contrast ratio one if possible..

LOL I just realized the one you posted is the same one I bought :) The Viewsonic has 800:1 compared to 700:1 on the samsung. I wonder if that would make any difference in gaming? Anyone? 22 inch Samsung with 700:1 or a 20.1 inch vewsonic with 800:1 I think I'd go for the Samsung.


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15th March 2006

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#3 13 years ago

It would make a difference, but 700:1 is still plenty bright enough. I'd go Samsung as well.