Nvidia halts PhysX support... 32 replies

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#31 9 years ago

Does anyone care about staying OT anymore? This is looking like an Apple ad lately.

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#32 9 years ago

ATi is actually doing pretty well for me, haven't had any errors with the drivers, the cooling system is great and the temps are great as well, idles at 40oC and loads at only 57oC with the fan at 43%

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#33 9 years ago
Sgt. D. Pilla;4976859Thus having breakable cloth banners is impossible without PhysX, same for the smoke, DYNAMIC smoke that bounces off things that it collides with, paper is the same, its not the fact the paper moves, its HOW it moves. Breakable environment is a bit BS, every game has that.

Any half decent particle engine has support for dynamic particle collision, it's not a PhysX exclusive. :/