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#21 9 years ago

Yep, if you want a good low-profile card, you might consider something like an X1600 Pro.

Visiontek Radeon X1650 Pro / 512MB DDR2 / AGP 8x / Dual DVI / HDTV / Video Card at TigerDirect.com

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#22 9 years ago
grapefruitfresco;4988887Now that I think about it, the card's pretty old. Time really flies fast when you dont think about it. I'll look into getting a new one cause I think I need to haha. thanks :]

Is the 6600 AGP, PCI(doubt it's this), or PCI-express?

Accelerated Graphics Port - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Conventional PCI - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

PCI Express - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Additionally, what's the processor, memory amount, and PSU wattage? That way we can recommend you something that wouldn't be overkill for the rest of the system, either being bottlenecked by your hardware or requiring more power then the PSU can handle.