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#1 1 year ago

I lost interest in Opera years ago, when they switched from their custom Presto engine to just another Webkit browser, it lost it's USP for me.

But they released this video this past week, and, well, it's definitely interesting...

You can download and try it, I believe, but unfortunately, like most good ideas Opera has, they've decided to kill it off...

"@TuxICT Right now Neon is a fun project that our developers were working on & we're not planning to develop it further."


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#2 1 year ago

I literally just ditched Opera for Vivaldi last night. Couldn't have taken more than fifteen minutes after installing Vivaldi before I decided to flag it as default. Could do with an option for an Opera-like bookmarks page, but that's literally the only good thing Opera has.

Problem with these concept browsers, with their "fluid" layouts, is that they're just flat-out inferior. Case in point, the whole idea of shortcuts and bookmarks is to quicken the clickening for a frequently-used site. When you've got shortcuts that are constantly moving around in ever-changing shapes and patterns, you spend twice as long playing Duck Hunt than you would just using a search engine.

I'm all for actual feature development. Just can't stand that it always comes along with the complete stripping down of UIs and features that aren't broken or deficient, all for the sake of "design".

I don't know how, and I don't know why, but this is totally Sheep's fault.

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#3 1 year ago

It looks like an interesting concept, but that's all it would ever be. 

With Vivaldi tumbling into the market, I can't see Opera continuing to last long. They've taken most of the things that Opera had, made them their own, and thrown in a whole lot of personal customisation. Not to mention the very frequent updates.

Mikouen is spot on - they're pretty to look at, but unless you spend all your time on one site they're unlikely to actually be any use.