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12th February 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Can anyone tell me the performance differences between the P4C 3.0ghz and the P4E 3.0ghz. I've seen on a few sites that the C is better for gaming and runs cooler, and that the E has more L1, L2 cache. It is my experience in moving from a Celeron to a CeleronD that more cache is a good thing, but these sites seem to think not. At the local stores all varieties of the C are a mere $5 more than the E's. Could somebody advise me to which would give tha best gaming performance. I'll check Newegg when I get the chance, but I'd like some "real-life" opinions.


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2nd June 2004

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#2 16 years ago

Here's my take on it. I just recently upgraded fom a 3.0C to a 3.4E. As far as cooling, because I can see that you are concerned, it doesn't run that much hotter than the C. At idle, I was getting 32C with my 3.0C. After going to the 3.4E, the idle temp moved up to about 34.5C. Not much. However, both cards,using the same cooling under full load, get up to about 60C. The 3.0C may have run as low as 58C in some cases. I use a Coolermaster CPU cooler, the one that looks like a turbine. It has an adjustable fan speed, and I never have to turn it up more than 2400 RPM. Performance. There is a definate increase in 'seat of the pants' feel for performance after having gone from a Northwood core to a Prescott core. The chip is still new and I haven't done a whole lot of benchmarks yet, but I can definately see improvements in gaming where processor is a key factor. I did do a PC Mark 04 test at just stock settings and got in the neighborhood of 4700 points for the CPU score, if you put your trust in benchmarks.