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#1 13 years ago

1. Who makes good power supplies? I'm thinking of a unit over 500 watts. Quieter and cheaper is always a plus. I heard Antec was good....I'm gonna be running an FX-57 chip, and a new Radeon X850 PE, both will generate a lot of heat I suppose.

2. Who makes good cooling units? Not water cooling, but cooling units?

3. How hard is it to install a heatsink on a new processor? What kind should I get? Do I need to use that glue adhesive stuff? If so, what is the best brand?

4. Since all the heat will be generated I'm looking at a bigger case. I read that Coolermaster's CM Stacker 380 [ATX version] is the best and I think I can get it locally, so I'm thinking of doing that. I has a LOT of cooling and is roomy, but heavy at 40 lbs. Are there better options, or is this the best? I'm gonna be using 2 hard drives, and 2 optical drives. Just to let you know, the number of expansion slots I'll be needing.

Much thanks.

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#2 13 years ago

2.: Thermalright and Zalman seem to be good companies. What exactly are you looking for, fans?

3.: It's not very difficult but you have to do it right. Read a few guides about it and keep this in mind: sometimes it can be difficult to place the heatsink on the CPU, you will probably need a good amount of force. If your heatsink comes with some rubber attached to the centre of it's flat side you should remove it. Try not to damage the surface of the heatsink too much and clean it properly. You have to use a special paste which conducts heat between CPU and heatsink, apply some of it to the flat side of the heatsink and distribute it until you can barely see it (like this some of the paste will get into the copper of the heatsink). Apply "a little bit" of paste to the CPU-core. It is very important to get this "little bit" right, too much or too little will increase heat. When it doubt, use a bit less (the surface of the CPU should be barely visible after applying the paste). Arctic Silver is a good brand for this kind of paste. Here are some heatsinks (in German, but not too difficult to figure it out) for CPUs:

As for the other points I don't really know. Google a few reviews if noone else answers :)

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#3 13 years ago

Good PSU's : -Antec, Enermax, Seasonic, the Seasonic's being rated as very good in reviews recently. it doesn't pay to skimp on the cost of a PSU, if anything goes wrong a good PSU will save a lot of damage to your system

CPU coolers: Thermalright, Zalman

cases, well i prefer a bigger case as it lets the heat rise away from the motherboard and CPU fan better, i have an Antec P160, with 4 front bays 2 floppy bays and 4 hard drive bays, also a removable motherboard tray which make building easier, cant really recomend any other case as i haven't seen them, but there is plenty of choice, other people will have some suggestions i reckon

Thinking about it.