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#1 13 years ago

hello! i am new here... okay herer is the deal. on both of my pc's i hAVE sof2 installed, and they both have a separate ip address going thru a router. well when one pc finds the game servers the other pc can not! why is this? each pc has a seprate cd key and own game installed. lastyear i could run both pc's to play sof2 but i had a regulare hub for this, ow i switched to a dsl/cable router is this my problem? any help thanks:)


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#2 13 years ago

I get that when I use the same CD key for both mine and my bro's games...I can't afford 2 copies of a game. Normally this only just stops us playing in the same server though. Sounds like a port forwarding problem. Try fowarding the ports of both machines IP's through the Routers Control Pannel, opening the ports for SoF2 to both machines. Help on doing this can be found here Its strange that it seemed to work before and now it decides not to. I had a similar problem with Teamspeak not too long ago, where I ran a TS server from my computer for me, my bro and a few other people and my brother couldn't connect to me, I had to forward the ports and it worked then, but when I did it about 3 months before it worked without me needing to forward any ports. Its just one of those things mate. Hope this helps.