PC2700 too slow? 4 replies

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17th August 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Is it? I mean i have 768 now and planning on getting a gig of 2700 (333) RAM. My Mobo supports more but i dont want to spend even more money on getting all new PC3200. So is 2700 too outdated and slow?

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19th April 2004

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#2 16 years ago

no I use it and it is fine i just don't have enough, only have 512mb. PC 3200 is about the same price as 2700 for the same MB


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30th December 2003

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#3 16 years ago

I'd suggest getting 3200 if you're upgrading, I don't think the future lies in 2700, although I don't think you'd notice a big difference, it'll help. I myself have 3200 (have 1gig of 4200 lying here), but I think 3200 is the way to go.

Still, you shouldn't take what I say too much into consideration, I'm definately not one of the better half when it comes to the Tech field in this forum.

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12th March 2004

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#4 16 years ago

it also depends on the processor fsb speed, if its only 333 then it may be a waste of time getting faster ram unless you are thinking of upgrading the processor at a later date

Thinking about it.

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22nd December 2003

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#5 16 years ago

i want 1GB of xms pc4000 with an amd64 3500, but its very expensive, so i might get ddr400 or ddr 433, something like that anyway, but i would LOVE to get DDR500