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#1 16 years ago

HI, this is my frist post sadly it is about a problem with my computer. Last night everything was fine I unplugged my headphones to put them into my amp to practice my guitar. After I was finished and attempted to plug them back in I missed the spot poked down around where the moniter plugs in. My computer shut off and I had to reboot it . After it restarted the moniter would not show any picture I unplugged it and rebooted and tryed like 3 different moniters but I just have no clue. Maybe I zapped the grafix card or the computer or something ? PLZ help!!

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#2 16 years ago

ok mak3e sure you check all you connections. If one of them is messed up then your computer will not boot at all. when you pulled out your head set it may have pulled something else out. Make sure you have your Keybord working properly....It is a requried componet for you comp. BTW: wrong foum and Welcome to GF:D

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#3 16 years ago