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#1 8 years ago

Hello. I had posted about this elsewhere on this site, and the nice, good fella with the cool avatar there suggested I should bring it here. Here is where I posted originally on this site: http://forums.filefront.com/st-ef-problems-errors-help/429508-poor-jerky-video-performance-low-fps-elite-force-ii.html Er, I've also been posting all over the web about this. You can see all that if you wanna: Poor, Jerky Video Performance; Low FPS - Ritualistic Forums, AMD Game Forums - Poor, Jerky Video Performance; Low FPS in Star Trek: Elite Force II, TR Forums • View topic - Getting a Particular Single File from .EXE Installer, and lastly so far, here. Isn't there anyway to get this game to do right? ??? Sure would like to play it, if I don't fry my brains over this first, that is. :uhoh:


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#2 8 years ago

Just to eliminate any confusion, the problem has escalated beyond the game itself and is now about the ATI drivers refusing to be installed.

WinstonSmith6079;5411496Oh, dear! More trouble from the Horizon! I went to that page and downloaded the second file on it, the one that says it's just the display driver only. Then I uninstalled the latest driver from my computer (v10.9). I had to restart, so I did and then found that I actually should have uninstalled all the ATI software the first time around (Catalyst Control Center, Catalyst Install/Uninstall Manager, blah, blah). Don't ask me the details as I can't remember them, whatwith my brain being on fire. My system lag made that take hours, ieems--I can remember that! Then I actually uninstall all the rest of the crap. The display driver and the rest is now uninstalled. I rebooted again. Then I used Driver Cleaner Pro to clean whatever crap was left behind. Wow did it remove a lotta leftover s***! Crappy ATI drivers is right! But fortunately that Driver Cleaner Pro is a very good little program, it seems. So then I ran the file that I downloaded from that page you gave me. After several attempts running it both "Custom" and "Express", it installed the Install Manager...and nothing else. Nice! When my inet connection later came back on, I went back to the page and downloaded the first file. Makes no sense, but whatever! Neither does anything else. I ran it too, several times. But neither of those files were willing to just simply f***ing install the f***ing drivers! According to 'dxdiag.exe' (the DirectX Diagnostic Tool), my display is now running on nothing but the generic MS drivers. And I dunno how to get those goddamn drivers out of those files! I actually furthermore downloaded some file from that page that says "WDM Integrated Driver". I don't even know what the hell that is, but I got it, just in case. I have not run it yet. Lemme guess: Those drivers did not extract and install because they're not actually for AGP? Did I guess right, or no? Anyway, do what do I do now? It seems all I actually need is one little bitty file from the v9.11 driver--the 'atioglxx.dll' file. Hey, why don't you just send me that file? I'm guessing that there's all kinds of ways in which I can recieve an x-fered file from you. Hell, e-mail it to me if it's small enough. I don't care, just as long as I get that file and then can maybe be done with this at long last! God, does my head hurt! Look what God does! :mad:

Since I'm not much of a tech expert, I didn't want to take wild guesses, so I sent the guy here where all fanATIcs hang out. =p

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#3 8 years ago
Since I'm not much of a tech expert, I didn't want to take wild guesses, so I sent the guy here where all fanATIcs hang out.

Funny... :p

As for drivers:

Download the new drivers BEFORE you uninstall the old ones. The ones you want are these ones, especially for AGP cards.

Download Driver Sweeper from here: Guru3D - Driver Sweeper (Setup) download from Guru3D.com. Install it.

Unpack the drivers somewhere. I think the default location is C:\ATI\Support\[name of driver].

Run Setup.exe, and select the Uninstall option.

When it's finished, reboot and go into Safe Mode. Run Driver Sweeper, cleaning out the ATI graphics drivers.

When it's finished, reboot again, normally. Then run the ATI drivers setup again.


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#4 8 years ago

Note that he's trying to install version 9.11 to get atioglxx.dll file from it which is needed to fix the problem with the game. Apparently, Elite Force 2 doesn't like ATI drivers beyond that version.


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#5 8 years ago

Yeah, I've got that file and have uninstalled it and re-installed it several times over the last, like, 15 hours. In fact it's now due to be reinstalled yet, yet again again as they're uninstalled at the moment while I type all this wonderful stuffage and stuff, heh-heh. I also do the cleaning thing, but I use Driver Cleaner Pro, which I've found to be a great little program. Hey, that's the guy, the guy I was talking about! What a nice fella. Ya'll should give him a promotion and a raise and stuff and gifts and things, as he does good job hehehe He said that the problem had escalated from what seemed to be a game issue into a driver issue. Well, he was correct. I said "was". Now it seems it's further escalated into a Windows "security" issue WOOOOO YAAAY AWESOME! I posted about it at the TR Forums (The Tech Report Forums) at one of those links I put up there. It's the lastest (thus far) post there. You can read it there from the link, but I'll just reprint it here, saving the dear reader of this crapola a mouse-click. You're welcome! Here it is in all its ugliness:

I ended up just having to uninstall the current display drivers yet again and then installing the (finally correct) older drivers in an attempt to complete the instructions in that second [link listed there]. Now Windows is its all-knowing wisdom about cyber-security is giving me s*** about installing these older drivers similar to the way it gives me s*** when installing the current drivers, but worse! Its totally preventing the installation I guess! Some dumb crap about something not being signed well enough or some s***. Ya know, I read in some article somewhere years ago all about how MS just can't win for losing when it comes to security. Well that was years ago! But the tradtion remains! How lovely! It's like the MS security people have no f***ing idea what they are doing or how to do it, yet they try so hard anyway! Really it seems it's the consumer that can't win for losing, actually, not MS. Or at least this consumer (me) anyway. Jesus, I KNOW the files are safe, but NOOOOooo! Windows knows better! F***in' piece of s***! I guess there's gotta be some way to turn off that stoppage and get it in all of its abundant mercies to please, please let me install that, so that I can get that file, back it up, then uninstall those older drivers, then clean up, then re-install the current drivers, then replace the new file in there with the backed up old one, and then--proportedly--play the f***ing game so enjoyably! Yep, that's my devious and diabolical plan! No wonder God wants to stop it in its tracks! Ah, c'est la vie! icon_confused.gif

Yeah, the fun never stops for ol' WinstonSmith6079! :o