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#1 13 years ago

ok, i was cuttin off a tiewrap from my power supply and i accidently snipped a single wire. now i checked wut connector the wire was connected to and it was to a connector that i will never and have never used (for those who kno wut im talkin about, the connector was that of the OLD power connectors on the old AT mobos back in the day) thats the connector that i snipped the wire. now i used electrical tape n taped the two ends together, but wut i dont kno is, will anythin happen if i turn the psu on or no. possible spark-fire. will it fry everythin in my comp, will the psu not even power up etc.. any help wit this problem would be greatly appreciated


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#2 13 years ago

Since your not useing that whole line, or if the connector just after the snipped wire is the last connector in that line then it should not be a concern, in fact if I were you and you completely snipped the wire in two pieces I would tape both end and keep them seperate.