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21st March 2004

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#1 15 years ago

Hey guys,

I got this program called "PowerDVD" with my Sony DVD drive. powerdvd1yr.jpg I thought: "jay now I can play DVD's on my computer"... Not. Whenever I insert a DVD into my drive, this prompt comes up, asking me which program I want to use to play it. I always select PowerDVD. Now the DVD does play, however I only get sound and when my screen is minimized, I can only see 2 tiny strokes of the movie. When my screen is maximized, the screen is totally black. Any ideas what could be the problem? Seeing I can't play any DVD's on it, there's no real use to my DVD drive.

Thanks for the help.



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2nd August 2004

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#2 15 years ago

i had a similar problem when i reformatted my computer and tried using windows media player (idk remember what version, i think like 7 or something, but now i have 10) anyway when i updated windows media player to ten it fixed it, i think there might be some updates to the dvd programs that need to be updated, so what you should do is go to powerdvd's website and see if there are any updates, as they might not be on the cd that you got for your drive