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7th December 2003

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#1 3 months ago

My ink printer (Canon MP610) is developing some issues (had it in use for 10 years, so not entirely surprising). When printing text documents (black/white) it seems to skip horizontal segments. From googling a bit this seems to be a very common issues for all sorts of printers, but I couldn't find anyone describing the root cause.

What I have tried:

-replacing black ink catridge

-cleaning print head (twice)

-cleaning and intensive cleaning options in printer maintenance (couple of times)

-print-head alignment (aborts)

-printing from another PC with Windows 7 (because no official drivers for my Win10 PC)

And printing with "high quality" setting instead of the default. This last one actually works, but I suspect that for high quality print the printer uses the smaller black catridge (which is normally used for color-prints of images).

Any ideas?

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#2 3 months ago

Might be time for a new printer.

If alignment isn't working, means something is wrong. Does the printer have the ability to be set to factory defaults or something like that? Might be worth checking to see if there is updated firmware for it.

If there is no image, Mikey broke something...

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#3 3 months ago

It could just be the mechanics of the printer are starting to fail, rubber bands and gears and things like that may perish and cause it all to loosen up and feed the paper too quickly?

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#4 1 month ago

After some attempts to clean the print head, which worked initially, the printer failed completly. So I bought a new one, an Epson Workforce WF C5790DWF. Finally I can connect my printer through wifi to my network, so I don't have this huge printer/scanner sitting on my desk. 


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14th August 2019

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#5 1 month ago

then its a good paperweight now hahaha