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#1 12 years ago

Ok I have been trying to find a answer to this all day long and have been having some problems finding the answer. Now I midas well get this out of the way first I have a 2.8 Gig Emachine. It has 512 Meg of Ram. It has a Intel extreme 3D graphics card. Now for the problem There are certon programs on my computer that don't seem to want to start because they are calling for Directx 8.1. Now before I go on here is the error message I am getting: (render) Unable to initialize D3d on your system. You need to update to Direct 8.1 or later and make sure your video card supports hardware transformation and lighting. Now I have tryed to uninstall direct x 9c plus I tryed to reinstall it about 4 times, I have tryed to turn computer off and tryed to run the compatability wizard. I went into dxdiag in the computer and found out that a dll file had a problum with the version thats when I tryed to reinstall. That error message was the file d3d9d.dll will run slower then the retail version. Please help I would like to use these programs again.


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#2 12 years ago

Intel don't make good graphics, maybe you should get a new video card.


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#3 12 years ago

Your Integrated Intel graphics may not support DX 9c.

maybe you should get a new video card.

More like get a real card to begin with, Intel graphics are built right into the motherboard.