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10th September 2006

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#1 10 years ago

ok, my girlfriends little sister plays maple story, and shes having a problem about 2 weeks ago they could not connect to the internet at all, and after taking a look at their computer, i realized something with zone alarm got screwed up along the way as far as installation goes, and it was blocking everything. Anyway thats fixed now (as im typing this on their computer) but the problem now is that the day i fixed the internet for them her little sister was able to play maple story. After about a day it keeps saying its "unable to connect" code or w/e it is. Anyway, i tried looking up the ports it would use to make sure they were open, and from what i can find it says it doesnt really use any specific ports, the only thing thats required is an internet connection. I tried completely shutting down the firewall, and i tried killing the anti-virus (on the slim chance that was messing it up) she has tried re-installing the game, and i am able to sucessfully ping the server also i have tried renewing, repairing, and flushing the dns, (works on 1 or 2 internet games i have, thought it was worth a shot) anyway, nothing worked so im sure my girlfriends sister would love me forever if i could get this working for her, so anyone have any ideas? im honestly not even sure if its a maplestory error, or a problem with the computer, but im leaning away from maplestory because its been reinstalled and all the latest patches applied so.... any help would be appreciated thanks!

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#2 10 years ago

Well, do you use router or do you use a direct connect cable modem?