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#1 15 years ago

Hey guys, I just got my new laptop, and I'm trying to set up a new wireless network at home, and I've run into a problem.

Here's some background info. We have a Linksys wireless B setup at home. The wireless router sits next to my desktop, my parent's desktop connects over the wireless connection because their computer is in a different room.

Anyway, now to the current problem. At home, we have an unsecured wireless network (I don't worry to much about it because we have no one living around us for half a mile). My laptop has been able to connect over this unsecured network, and I'm able to post on this forum via that unsecured connection.

Now, I've been wanting to move some files from my old desktop to my new laptop. So instead of burrning the data to a CD, I went to create the type of network that allows the user to transfer files from one computer to another via the shared documets folder.

I used the "create a new wireless network" function built into Windows, and my jump drive to setup the network on my desktop, my laptop, and my parents desktop, with my desktop acting as the main computer.

Now here comes the problem. My main computer (my desktop) can see my parent's computer on the wireless network, but it won't see my laptop. Nor will my laptop see the new network that I created. This is a little disapointing to me. I'm a pretty technical guy, but I can't see to get a) get my main computer to see my laptop, and b) to get my laptop to see the new wireless network I created. Does anyone have any ideas? I know it's not my firewall (on the main computer or my laptop) because my parents computer can connect, and it uses the same firewall as my laptop.

I apprecitate the help.