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17th June 2008

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#1 8 years ago

Okay so I've been looking around everywhere on the AMD website for the latest mobility 5730 drivers. I went to the page that I would go by selecting the generic options (graphics, line, series, OS). There I found the full software suite but it only provides some stupid utility that says "it will dl the drivers". But I waited for half an hour and not so much as a sliver of the green bar in the progress bar appeared, even though all other downloads are working fairly well and usually 40 KB/s. I think half an hour would be enough for half of the driver suite file if it was around 70-120 MB. I was getting the feeling this utility was broken. So I downloaded "catalyst control center" from the same page. I'm fairly aware of what this is but I just assumed it was a title mistake and downloaded and used it. Unfortunately it just turned out to be the catalyst control center and so I had to reinstall drivers from the CD that came with my laptop. So I went to the section on the main page under the resources and to the link saying gamers. There I did find the "10.7 drivers" except I'm afraid to try them out as I am not sure what will happen if they turn out to be desktop drivers instead and screw up my GPU. A little help guys. Really don't know where to go for driver updates if the ATI site and "download utilites" (that are placed there instead of the drivers themselves) are unreliable themselves.


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#2 8 years ago

You need to look on your laptop manufacturers website for the latest driver. ATI doesn't release drivers for their mobility chips themselves, they just provide the basic functions and leave it to the manufacturers to release the driver with built in support for their own displays and such AFAIK.

What brand/model is your laptop?

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#3 8 years ago

To be honest, the way it's been going with AMD recently, even if you could download drivers from them, you probably shouldn't install them. But yeah, mobile drivers are purely the manufacturer's responsibility, as far as AMD is concerned.