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#1 13 years ago

Hey I was wondering if there was an effective way to just play your ps2 through your computer so you can see it on your monitor but still use the controller ect.I have an ati radeon x300 SE.With all those blue red white plug-ins built into my comp just like normal tv's.I can view television from my computer so i figured i could just plug it in and play but i cant.This is as far as i got.I actually got it up and everything using hp media center live tv thing, for some reason when i used a different remote that had tv/video on it I could actually see the ps2 image on my monitor but then i couldnt watch tv anymore.So i tried playing but the controller movent was delayed acouple of seconds and after the intro started the controller stopped working and it become just a movie.I could rewind and everything.So could any1 help me at all I have a feeling its as easy as somehow changing the input so instead of cable it gets the ps2 connection thx in advance.

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#2 13 years ago

Actually, I run my PlayStation 2 through my TV Tuner PCI card. And it works fine; no lag, quality is pretty good, plus I can record any replays straight to MPEG! I've always said that decidated TV cards are better than the ATi All-in-Wonder series. Discussion of emulators is forbidden on GF, and I'm going to leave it at that.