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#1 15 years ago

Now for about 3 months i've thought that my quicktime plug in for firefox was installed and everything. Today i try to view a trailer which requires quictime and it said i need to install the missing plug-in...quicktime. So i go to apple's site, look at what i should do...download the plug-in again and go into my quiktime folder, copy the .dll file into firefox's plug-in folder, and i'm guessing it is right. Nope, i try it again and it isn't working. I'm guessing its because all of the plug-ins haven't been updated for Firefox 1.06.

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#2 15 years ago

Hmm. Perhaps it wants an old version of Quicktime not supported by the new version of Quicktime? Or maybe it wants the Pro version. If you've got AdBlock, you should have an option to block that applet, which you can also use to copy the location of the applet into something like WinAmp or WMP in the 'Play from URL' option.