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#1 11 years ago

I recently attempted to install SUSE on my hard drives, which are currently configured in a RAID 0 array with Windows XP on one partition as well as an empty, unformatted partition (which I intend for SUSE to use). Early on it said it couldn't interface with the hard drives, citing some RAID driver related problem.

I Googled around and found that Linux kernel support for RAID was basic in previous versions and has now been purposefully fully removed. I guess the removal of RAID drivers from the kernel means that you have to download them manually and use a floppy disk for it during installation (like Windows XP). Thing is, I can't seem to find drivers for my RAID setup. Anyone know where to get them? I am using nVIDIA MediaShield for the RAID setup on an Asus M2N32-SLI motherboard.

Also, I don't recall there being an option to use a floppy disk for a RAID driver during the SUSE 10.1 (yes, I know it is outdated, but that is the version I've used before and I have it all on disk and don't want to download another 2GB any time soon) installation. Are you supposed to start the installation with specific parameters or did I just miss something?