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9th October 2004

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#1 15 years ago

motherboards usually come with four ram slots and the slots are colored blue black in one group on one side and blue black in another group on the opposite side (it may use different colors im just using this as an example)

if a motherboard has four ram slots in groups of two and you only have two sticks of memory, is it better to put both sticks in the same group on the same side, one on one side in a certain color and the other one on the other side with the matching color, or does it not matter?

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9th September 2004

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#2 15 years ago

They 2 sticks should go on the same colors as far as I know. So, opposite groups but same colors I think.

If you want to run Dual Channel, that is.


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8th November 2004

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#3 15 years ago

I've found that it makes no difference what-so-ever. I put ram sticks together because it looks better than having one here and one there.


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2nd August 2005

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#4 15 years ago

It depends on the MoBo. Usually in order to run in dual channel mode, the sticks must be in same colored slots. Check you MoBo manual to be sure, though.


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14th February 2004

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#5 15 years ago

Usually, you want to match colors; it does make a difference. MSI (used to, at least) insist on being stupid and making you pair up sticks in each group to get dual channel. Go figure.

You mentioned blue and black; those are ASUS colors, for one. If you've got an ASUS board, then it's color-color.


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8th November 2005

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#6 15 years ago

checkk the mobo manufacturer site, they usually have a manual you can look at on the web. But I agree, color to color is usually right. My mobo manual for MSI was very confusing. It contradicted itself a few times on the memory placement to get dual channel. I used color to color and it worked fine.