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#1 13 years ago

I just uninstalled BF2 and BF2:SF. I've reinstalled and repatched BF2. I have purchased Armoured Fury and it is on my EA link account. Heres why I did this: A while back I tried joining a BF2:AF server and it wouldn't let me join. It would load all the way and wouldn't let me join. It would kick me from the loading screen stating that the server doesn't allow players with modified content to join and play on that server and to revert it back to the original version. It is the original version. I haven't done any mods to the cfg or anything else for that matter. I have DCON and BF2 Austrailian Forces (Mod) installed. EA link won't let me reinstall or update Armoured Fury because I had installed it a while back before I uninstalled all the BF2 stuff. What do I have to do to fix this crap. I have contacted EA about it and I am waiting for a responce. Can anyone help me? What have I done to screw somthing up this time?