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#1 7 months ago

Does anyone know of a product or technique to remove very minor, shallow scratches from a display (my fitness band in this case)?

They aren't noticeable except in direct sunlight but it would be nice to be able to do something to improve the surface, I have tried a product which came in a tube and you rubbed on with a cloth ( naughty.gif ) but it wasn't too good.

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#2 7 months ago

I'm not sure there's really anything that can be done to remove scratches on glass, aside from taking a layer off the glass by sanding+polishing it down with some abrasives. I partially removed some very light scratches from some plastic-screened non-glossy monitors by using some polish, but obviously with the scratches went the anti-gloss finish, so while it's not super noticeable under most conditions while the monitor is on, it's pretty noticeable if you look for it.