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#11 9 years ago

I'm not talking about cluster size here, but allocated sectors. If you can't have more than 2^32 sectors (of 0.5 kb each) in a partition, no matter how many sectors per cluster and total clusters your filesystem allows in theory for itself, you won't be able to have more than (2^32)*512 bytes in your partition. At least, unless your filesystem somehow allows to avoid that limitation of the MBR to actually allocate more than 2^32 sectors to your partition, or use more than 512 bytes per sector (dunno if that is possible at all ?).

That's also why on the NTFS wikipedia page, you have this :

Maximum Volume Size [...] Because partition tables on master boot record (MBR) disks only support partition sizes up to 2 TiB, dynamic or GPT volumes must be used to create bootable NTFS volumes over 2 TiB.

That's the "way to avoid that limitation" which NTFS has and FAT32 doesn't seem to.

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