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30th December 2002

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#1 12 years ago

So, I just found out the hard way how much fonts affect your system.

I added 1000s of fonts to my windows fonts folder the other day in hopes of finding the perfect one for a project. And, unbeknownst to me, when you overload your font folder, your system runs like complete s*** (long startup times, etc) due to registry overload. So, I brilliantly decided I'd remove these extra fonts. Apparantly though, the c:\windows\font folder is a "special" one, so you can't just look at file details like "created date" in hopes of determining what is recently added and what has been there much longer. In my haste to fix my slow system, I managed to remove some critical windows fonts, and I had to get them back.

So here's a fix I found (that works) after alot of googling and searching:

How to get all your default WinXP fonts from the XP CDMake a work folder - something like "C:\Tempfont" Put the win XP CD in the drive and exit from the auto-run.

[Click] Start Run

[Type] CMD.EXE (and in that give the letter of the CD drive (example- Z: ) - so...)


That will extract all 298 default winXP fonts to C:\TEMPFONT. You can then go to the Fonts folder, Browse to C:\Tempfont, and select the ones you need (or just copy them all into the C:\Windows\Fonts folder).

Check the 'Copy to fonts folder' box before OK. Once you are sure you have everything you need, you can delete the work folder.

I've read now that having more than 400 fonts can start to adversely affect your sytem performance. But, I also read that it's not the # of fonts that does it, it's the length of the font names. So I suppose if you renamed them all to something short, an abundance of fonts wouldn't hurt (as much).

I'm sure there aren't too many people who will run into this problem, but if someone ever searches in the future, I thought having this fix posted somewhere might help.


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9th November 2005

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#2 12 years ago

thanks for that info. i'll have to check my home computer. i do a lot of cadd work on it and have added quite a few fonts. i think i may have around 700 or so.