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13th April 2005

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#1 14 years ago

I know that this topic has always been in the past a big no-no for discousion, but I think that this may change that.

The Librarian of Congress (one of the few idividuals who has the power to change laws governing the recording, movie, and video game industry) has declaired several circumventions to US patent laws. This is the one that concerns ROM's.

2. Computer programs and video games distributed in formats that have become obsolete and that require the original media or hardware as a condition of access, when circumvention is accomplished for the purpose of preservation or archival reproduction of published digital works by a library or archive. A format shall be considered obsolete if the machine or system necessary to render perceptible a work stored in that format is no longer manufactured or is no longer reasonably available in the commercial marketplace.

Here's the original link:

It's a very interesting decision.....

My only question is how 'no longer reasonably available' is defined. What do you guys think?

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15th April 2005

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#2 14 years ago

That's tricky due to eBay and such where Commodore 64s and Ataris are still on sale. I think those ROMs should be allowed though, any technology that basically you can't go to a store and pick up hardware capable of playing should be fine.