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22nd September 2005

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#1 13 years ago

I need a new one. My Lexmark one exploded. So basically I need a new reliable one. Any recomendations?


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15th March 2006

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#2 13 years ago

We've got a few Samsung and Konica Minolta printers and they've been faultless. However, they are both lasers which if you've got a Lexmark MFD you probably don't want. Presumably it was cheap and crap, which describes most Lexmarks nowadays to be honest.

In the past I might have suggested HP (our HP Laserjets from 1992/1993 still work to this day) but we've had so much trouble with their modern printers that I'd avoid them. Having said that, if you're not a business user they might be ok. But for the love of god don't use refilled/third party cartridges. The last time we did that with an HP printer we ended up with a very unwieldy paperweight that was worth about £250.

Canon printers are alright but I've never been all that impressed with the build on them. I've always got the impression that if you drop one, it'll shatter like glass. Ok, you're not meant to drop them but you could probably use our Konica Minolta as a pretty effective bomb if you wanted.

If you don't need color and you don't need an automatic paper feed, I suggest a Samsung SCX-4200 which is a laser MFD (retails for £110-ish). If you do need color then...erm...I don't know. color laser MFDs are expensive (£200+ for an entry level one like the Samsung CLX-3160FN).

I've not had much experience with the more common (and cheaper) inkjet MFDs. What experience I have had suggests that they're generally I won't be having any more experience with them, either.