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20th April 2007

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#1 10 years ago

Seagate is an external storage ... gadget. That i know.

What i want to know is, does it function totally the same as an internal hard drive. Mainly to install programs or games ON/IN it and have the program function smoothly or normally?? I never really got much information on that except its a huge storage facility for your computer and more elaborated info on that specific point....

P.S. if installing games on it or programs like anti virus software does work, and its operated through a USB port. If you accidentally plucked out the USB, will the information be saved or will troubles start rising up?


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6th December 2006

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#2 10 years ago
-={Stalwart Death}=-;4355887Seagate is an external storage ... gadget. That i know.

Nope. Seagate is a brand of hard disk drives. But yes, you can use an external disk drive just like an internal one ... except some old OSes won't be able to boot from it (cause they don't handle USB), and yes, you may loose data if you unplug it while operating.


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23rd November 2002

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#3 10 years ago

Okay, lets explain what this "Seagate" thing is.

It is a Hard Drive. Just like your internal drive. Same technology. You can open the "external" case, and find an "internal drive" inside of it. One that you can put into a computer.

They are so similar in fact, that there is a small possibility that it may be the EXACT same as your C:\ drive. Most people have "Maxtor's", or "Western Digital's" as their C:\, but some people have "Seagates".

Actually Odds are it is a Laptop "internal" hard drive.

See the follow links for more info.

--> DIY External Hard Drive

--> Laptop Repair Help ยป Accessing notebook hard drive using USB enclosure

Now, it may be a real "internal" hard drive. However, the USB port is slower than having it plugged up using the cables inside your computer. So it may not work as fast.

If you accidentally unplug the drive, the data will still be there. However, and file that you were "moving" may be corrupted, and lost. If an Anti-virus is scanning the drive, there is a possibility that it can corrupt the files it is scanning, when you unlplug the drive.

I would not recommend installing an Anti-Virus onto the drive. It slows down the AV app, and you loose access to it when you unplug it. Plus, the odds of it working when you plug it into another computer, are slim,...


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18th April 2006

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#4 10 years ago

Monster_User's right. I cracked open my MyBook last week, and what did I find in it but a WD Caviar - a drive commonly used as an internal drive in many desktops. (in fact, it's the drive used in my family's computer, lol)