Seagate now selling 10TB drives 2 replies

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#1 2 years ago


Anyway, check these bad boys out;


These 10TB drives are helium-based. What is a helium based drive? Well, basically, the mechanical parts of the drive are air-tight and filled with helium, rather than regular air. The reason for this is because helium has just 1/7th the air density of air, which means less air resistance, which means faster, quieter, cooler, and less prone to damage. It therefor allows much larger densities to be packed into the same size drive.

Up to now, these drives have been specialist, but these are now consumer-focused drives for the first time.

I wouldn't mind getting a pair of these in RAID 1 :D

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#2 2 years ago

How's the price range?

Usually new tech cost as much as a kidney on the market. Especially if there's no competition.

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#3 2 years ago

It's about $530 so its more expensive than a regular drive but you do get decent space and performance for price, but I think there's a cheaper 8TB one too.