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#1 16 years ago

Im looking for some fresh ideas as to whats going on, i have a rather annoying problem but i cant tell whats going on.

I have a local area network, and two computers are set up with Apache web server at the moment, an AMD Athlon XP 2800+ and a P4, now the AMD can download files from the P4 system through the web server at a download rate of about 700kb/sec, however, the P4 only downloads from the AMD at about 0.2kb/sec at best... i've no idea why one has such a really low transfer speed and the other has a transfer speed i expect. There both connected to a NAT router via RJ45 cables that i've checked are connected, but i cant really think why there is such latency when im downloading off the AMD. Anyone got any ideas what could be causing this? Thanks.

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#2 16 years ago

Are they both on the same network? If so, try connecting them via a crossover cable to isolate the router/switch. Swap the NIC in each box over and see if the problem follows. You could use something like ethereal to examine the network traffic, it might highlight an issue. To be honest though, it sounds more like an application issue to me. Have you tried good old CLI ftp or tftp to shift the data? (this is where I would start looking)