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#1 11 years ago

Well basically, I'm trying to download the game Darkfall Online, and it seems the only way they allow the download is via torrent, so I went and downloaded Vuze Torrent downloader, and began my download, only to my dismay did I see it was going at 500B/s and said it would take 43 weeks to download.. not good.

Now I understand torrenting requires seed's and such so i didn't expect my download speed to be at it's normal 150 - 200KB/s but I also didn't expect it to be less than 20KB/s any idea's on what I can do to get the download speed up as I can't believe for a second a company would only allow there game to be downloaded via a method that would mean it would take over 3/4 of a year to download.

So basically is there anything I can do my end that may help speed up the download time?


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#2 11 years ago

port forwarding.

make sure the ports Vuse uses for its torrenting are open and forwarded to your computer.